Fall/Winter Indoor Prone League (Snow Country):

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MPRC competes in the SEMNO (S.E. MI., N. OH) snow country postal matches. This is a smallbore PRONE league which shoots a practice or a match on Saturday mornings starting in November. The matches are shot at clubs all across the state and include Monroe Gun Club, Cadillac, Muskegon, Howell, and Jackson. However, you do not need to travel to participate in this event. MPRC has 7 scheduled matches per season, of which, you need to shoot only 6 to qualify for awards. In addition MPRC also provides 6 additional practice sessions throughout the season. At the end of the season there is a "top 10 shootoff" between the the 10 highest participants involved in the league. This determines the winner and is usually held in early April.

Each match consists of 3-20 rounds for record stages with unlimited sighters. Each match is a timed event and competitors are given 20 minutes to finish their 20 rounds for record. There is a break between each match. Each match is shot on the NRA A-36 smallbore target. Cost for each match at any club is $15.00. MPRC charges $3.00/member for practices and $6.00 for non-members.

Only .22RF rifles are allowed to compete and current NRA Smallbore Rifle Rules apply. There are 2 classes of rifles allowed, METALLIC Sight and ANY Sight. This league is a lot of fun and will really improve your SF PRONE skills no matter what type of rifle you normally fire.

Please contact Dick Pardini at 231-206-0935 with any questions about this event.

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